Which of the five approaches to quality (i.e. the transcendent, user-based, product-based, manufacturing-based or value-based) do you consider to be the most appropriate in describing this organization

The Referral Report Marking Scheme
The marking scheme of the report is to take into account the information given to the students regarding the structure of the report as well as relating to the assessment criteria.
Structure of the Report:
You are required to conduct research into a named organization that offers a range of services or products (or a single service or product). Using this information and combining it with academic input to underpin your statements, present a report to discuss:
a)                    Which of the five approaches to quality (i.e. the transcendent, user-based, product-based, manufacturing-based or value-based) do you consider to be the most appropriate in describing this organization? [You should explain your conclusions by linking to the supporting theory on these approaches together with information from the field research that you have gathered].
b)                    Identify the quality of the products or services of this organization by looking at how well they perform across each quality characteristic (namely functionality, appearance, reliability, durability, recovery and contact). Through primary data collection and analysis, identify which of these characteristics are the most appropriate in this situation.
c)                    What aspects of the Total Quality Management(TQM) philosophy could this organization apply to improve the quality of the products or services?
Each of these sections will account for approximately a third of the overall mark for this report, which accounts for 100% of your resit coursework mark.
Key References:
* James, P.C., Rowland-Jones, R. and O’Brien, L. (eds.) (2009). Operations and Business Systems Management. Harlow: Pearson.
* Slack, N., Chambers, S., and Johnston, R., (2004). Operations Management. 4th ed. London: Pitman Publishing.
You may choose a national or international organization. However, students last year, found that their research was more productive if they researched a local organization, with whom they could possibly gain interviews and certainly closer awareness of their actual operating activity. We therefore recommend this course of action.
**   Do NOT use ZARA or Hong Kong Airport as your choice of organization as these have well known case studies written about them!  **
Your report should be about 2250 words in length, no less than 2000, no more than 2500. If you vary from the required word length, you may be penalized by a loss of marks. You may wish to make use of diagrammatic representation as this can save a lot of words! This word count does not include the contents page, references list at the end of the report or the appendices. It does include the references that you use within the body of the report itself. E.g. “James et al (2007) state that….” Counts as 6 words.
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You will also lose marks if you do not include appropriate academic underpinning to support your ideas, or do not include a valid bibliography that demonstrates your academic and media research or reference incorrectly. Appendices are accepted where the additional information offered is produced by you or is of direct relevance. Please do NOT include items such as company reports, booklets etc. These will be ignored.
Your work should
·                     Be word processed in 12 point typeface and make good use of paragraphs
·                     Employ either 1 ½ spacing or double spacing
·                     Have numbered pages (page 1 to 6 etc.)
·                     Include a word count at the end of your report
Intended Learning Outcomes:
·                     To demonstrate application and understanding of the various approaches to quality (Slack et al, 2004; James et al, 2009)
·                     To show understanding and application of the various characteristics of quality that an organization might use for differing products and services (Slack et al, 2004; James et al, 2009)
·                     To display application of academic philosophies (such as TQM) to a ‘real world’ organization’s operational activity.
·                     To show evidence of academic and field research in investigating the operational activity of an organization
·                     To show an ability to write an academic assignment with the appropriate presentation skills and referencing skills required.

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