What is the most significant way the accounts differ

The tutorial linked to two accounts of indentured servitude, one by George Aslop, the other by Richard Frethorne. (follow the two links at borrom of page). What is the most significant way the accounts differ? Which account do you find closer to the truth and why?

You should answer this question in a brief essay (500-600 words).

Your essay should be double-spaced, and should reflect careful attention to proper grammar, sentence structure, and writing style. This is a brief essay, but this is not to be disorganized or informal. Above all, your essay should have a clearly articulated thesis that answers the question, and is backed up by evidence from the primary document itself, and also from the textbook and tutorials. Please be sure your essay follows the “Writing Rules”. Take a look at the “How to Cite Sources” guidelines posted there as well.

If you ever use sources I have not assigned in this class to quote, paraphrase, or serve as evidence, you must include a footnote with their bibliographic information.

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