What are some of the basics methods of observation outlined in the article

Read the article:
Using Observational Methods to Research the Student Experience.

Think about the following to guide your research:

What are some of the basics methods of observation outlined in the article?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of colleting observational data?
Read the following resources related to this activity:

Cozby � Chapter 6

Application of Exploratory Research:

After reviewing the required readings answer questions 6-8 in Cozby, page 125-127. This section discusses observational methods, which are often involved in qualitative research. Please answer questions in detail and support your answers with scholarly research citations where appropriate. Each response should be approximately 250-500 words and should use your critical thinking skills.

Use APA style in preparing your paper and citing references (i.e., the paper should follow APA for all paper and text formatting). The paper should be 1-4 pages in length.

*The upload will have the article to read and pgs 121-126 -the questions are on pgs. 125-126. You only have tho answer questions 6.7 and 8.

-Just to remind you my research topic is on school violence.

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