Disability/Rehabilitation and Culture

This assignment involves writing a short (3-5 page) APA formatted paper. Choose a particular culture or ethnic group (as specific or broad as you like (e.g. a particular group such as Cambodian or a category such as Latino) but different from your own cultural identity. I am Caucasian/polish. Focus your research on how this group defines, perceives or describes disability and/or those ideas and concepts that are important for rehabilitation.

Your discussion should include answers to some of the following questions:

What is the meaning of disability to the group in question?
How are persons who have disability treated?
What is expected of persons with disabilities?
Are these concepts similar or different from mainstream American or western culture?
What should a rehabilitation professional know and how would that affect what is done in a vocational rehabilitation context?
Use both traditional library resources (books, journals) and the Internet equally (approximately 5-8 total).

This will not be an easy assignment as there is relatively little in the literature that focuses specifically on disability. As always, feel free to be creative. You may have to borrow ideas and thoughts from other discipline areas such as health, anthropology, sociology, mental health, etc. and apply them to disability.

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