Technical writing—proposal

Technical writing—proposal


Date: October, 24, 2013
To: A pastor of Baptist church of Hawaii
From: Sonkyung Hardy, a member of Baptist church of Hawaii
Subject: Propose to offer ESL courses at the church


The purpose of this proposal is to request to open ESL (English as second language) courses at the church building.


We have many foreigners attending the church meetings from various backgrounds and many of them do not speak English well. We are living in the United States where its spoken language is primarily English. Therefore, we need to educate people who are having difficulties living in the stateside, and guide them through communicational difficulties. So people can use the language course as a stepping stone of American life. We need to offer classes for adults who struggle to learn the second language. By providing this program, we, as Christian, can help people to overcome their language barriers and we can do a missionary work for non believers. I propose to research on efficient ESL course design and determine the costs of this project and raise funds to run this program. To perform this research I would need approximately 30-40 hours for the next two months. I would create the questionnaires about ESL courses and find numbers of attendants, and if the lists are filled and the pastor authorizes this program, I will start the registration. And make an advertisement for the program around neighborhoods.


According to United States Census Bureau, there are approximately 40 percent of Asians resides in Hawaii in 2012.(2013) That is almost 8 times more than main land. Most Asians are not educated well in English, and they often struggles to have a normal life in the states. Therefore, when they move to America, they often face communication problems. One incident happened in Dallas, TX, 2007: one Asian couple accidentally drove their car into Trinity River and drowned. They called 911 but did not know how to explain the situation and died before any help arrived there. (“Dallas Star-Telegram,” 2007) We need to recognize this issue and help this community to make a better place to live in by educating them necessary communication skills. “ESL course introduces students to basic structures and vocabularies of the English language through the skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students learn strategies in order to advance their reading, listening, and pronunciation skills. They expand oral comprehensibility and write complete sentences, a standard paragraph, and short content-based essays.” (Intelochen Center Of the Arts, 2013)
This program will be very helpful for people who are trying to improve their communication skills. And more people will flow into the church building and someone might find interests in gospel as well. I will be a great opportunity to operate the missionary work.

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Propose Tasks

With a pastor’s approval, I would perform the following tasks to run this ESL program.

Task1. Design the right curriculum for the course.
In order to design the efficient classes, we need to determine the background of our students; we need to get questionnaires done from church members to see what they need the most.

Task2. Determine the costs of this project and run the fund raiser activities.
We need to get the estimated costs to run this program and organize the fund raiser activities.

Task3. Advertise the program around the neighborhood.
Advertising is a necessary step to keep this class going. We can use many different types of advertisement to make people flow into this program.

(see attached for schedule of project)


We can help people adjust into society and it is a great opportunity to let our light shine through our services.
Sonkyung Hardy, a member of relief society of Baptist church of Hawaii who served around church activities


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