Summarize what you see as the major themes and/or arguments in the chapter or article

Write a 1500 words criticalreview.
1)      Fragniere, E., Nanchen, B. & Sitten, M. 2012. ‚‘Performing Service Design Experiments Using Ethnomethodology & Theatre-Based Reenactment: A Swiss Ski Resort Case Study‘, Service Science Journal, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp.89-100.
Please abide by the following pointers in writingyour review:
(1)        Summarize what you see as the major themes and/or arguments in the chapteror article,
(2)          Develop key issues for criticism (both positive pointsof praise and m
ore negativeconcerns or worries)
, possibly using relevantbrief quotations whereappropriate. What is your reaction to what you have read based on your experience, the reading of other literature, and what you havegenerally learned about the topic on this course?
(3)          Be aware that you are expectedconnect to wider reading in reacting to the argument(s) of the set texts, demonstrating an advanced level of understanding of key perspectives, theories and conceptsthat inform contemporary notions of the particular discipline in question, as well as demonstrating an  in-depth critical awareness. You will need to referenceat least 6 other relevanttexts in each review.
You may use the following prompts to structureyour reaction:
    Are the ideas put forward expected?Challenging? New?  Logical?
    Are they consistent with what you know or with your wider reading?
    Do you agree/disagree with the argument?
    Do you think the article has any potentialapplications?
    Has  it  changed  your  thinking  about  the  topic  and  its  application   in  21st  century organizations in any way?
(4)          The style of the review shouldbalanced and critically constructive. Imagine that you are writing for a journalsuch as The Economist. Your task is to tell the reader why what you have read matters, or why it claims to matter but does not in fact achieve its ends. You need to highlight what it says, what is new, and what the limitations are.

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