Philosophy Knowledge and Reality;

Philosophy Knowledge and Reality;
Group A: Plato
Group A
CHOICE 1: Plato is very specific about Reality and Illusion in his allegory of the cave. Express your understanding of the metaphysical distinction. How does this relate to experiences in your own life where you have left the cave of illusion to a greater experience of reality?

CHOICE 2: The Forms are an important although complex aspect of Plato’s philosophy? What are Plato’s Forms? Do you think that knowledge of absolute essences of things is possible?

Group B
CHOICE 1: Aristotle’s breadth of knowledge and exploration is amazing. Some of his most interesting ideas center around the ideas of happiness and virtue. What do you think about Aristotle’s suggestions for the happy life and the cultivation of virtue. Choose a virtue (e.g., courage, moderation, patience, responsibility, etc.) and also determine the excess and deficiency. Explore the meaning of this virtue and practice it through the week. As you hit the “mean” do you find yourself more happy?

CHOICE 2: Aristotle’s breadth is amazing. Feel free to comment on anything in Aristotle’s philosophy such as:

What does it mean to be for Aristotle?
What is Aristotle’s theory of knowledge?
What is Aristotle’s theory of the Forms as it differs from Plato’s?
Anything else that interests you?
Group C
CHOICE 1: One of the outstanding features of the Buddhist path is the foundation of wisdom from Buddha’s Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path. Explore the meaning of (1) one of the Four Noble Truths; and (2) one of the insights of the Eightfold Path.

• decipher the meaning of the ones you choose and link it to an illustration in Wisdom Walk
• how are these related to your own journey or a contemporary issue
• do you agree or disagree with these points of view
CHOICE 2: Review the stories in the Buddhism chapter. Which one is meaningful? How can you see yourself in the story? Or not? What aspect of Buddhism does it show you? What are your thoughts and experiences with meditation? In the context of the discussion relate to some highlight in Wisdom Walk. You may also look at this contemporary application of meditation in a recent article in Religion and Ethics. CHOICE 3:

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