mass in grams if 2.33 moles of CH4

mass in grams if 2.33 moles of CH4
1. Answers to calculation problems should have correct significant figures and units.
2. To receive credit all calculation problems must clearly show all steps of logical
4. The exam consists of 10 questions.
5. Submit only your solutions to the questions; do not submit repeats of questions.
2. A. What is the mass in grams if 2.33 moles of CH4 ?
B. How many moles are in 524 grams of Zn(NO3)2 ?
3. Using the bond energies below determine the value and sign of delta H for the
reaction: 2H-Br + F-F ? 2H-F + Br-Br
Bond energies in kJ/mol: F-F 154.8 Br-Br 190, H-F 565, H-Br 362.3
4. Fe2O3 + 3CO? 2Fe + 3CO2
A. How many moles of CO2 result when 50.0 moles of Fe2O3 react?
B. How many grams of Fe result when 125grams of Fe2O3 react ?
5. Characterize each of the following as saturated, unsaturated, or unable
to exist: A. CH2 B. C7H16 C. C2H2 D. C4H12 E. C3H6
6. C2H6 has a heat of combustion of 1541kJ/mol. How many grams of it must
be combusted to produce 1.75×105 kJ ?
7. Why does a 1.0 molal solution of AlCl3 in water freeze at a lower temperature
than a 1.0 molal solution of NaCl in water ?
8. Copper has a specific heat of 0.38 J/gram-degree. How many joules of energy
are required to heat 375 grams of copper from 25.0oC to 90.0oC ?
9. NaCl and sucrose, C12H22O11 are both soluble in water,but only the NaCl
solution conducts electricity. WhY???
10. A compound is 21.96% S and 78.04% F by weight. Determine the empirical formula.


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