Introduction to the Capstone Course and Portfolios (100-150 WRDS)



Have you ever used a portfolio in either your education or work setting? If so, please describe your portfolio and explain how it was used in an educational setting.


If you have never used a portfolio, please do an Internet search, find an example of a portfolio, and post the link to share with the class. Please comment on the portfolio example you have posted. Is there anything in particular that you liked about this portfolio? Do you have questions about anything included in the portfolio?


Unit 1: Effective Writing (100-150 WRDS)


For the Unit 1 Discussion Assignment, describe examples of effective and ineffective communications that you have encountered. Respond to the following questions in paragraph format.


What are the characteristics of a communication that clearly conveys its message to the intended audience? How do these characteristics compare to the definitions of formal and informal writing in the unit’s reading?

How does the use of informal or conversational language impact the effectiveness of the communication? When might this language be appropriate?

Who is the intended audience for the examples you have described? How might audience affect a writer’s decisions about tone? What characteristics of the audience does the writer need to consider when choosing a tone and style of writing?


Unit 1: Your Writing Experiences (100-150 WRDS)


You are likely to have many positive and challenging experiences when expressing your ideas through the written word. You may write extensively, such as keeping a journal or blog. Or, you may only write when needed, such as a letter to a family member, a school assignment, or a post on a social media website . Describe your experiences with writing by answering the following questions:


What are your fears and anxieties about writing? How do these anxieties increase/decrease depending on your intended audience?

What do you consider your writing strengths? How might you capitalize on those strengths in this course?

What type of writing do you believe you will be responsible for professionally? What personal writing goals do you have?


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