Answer question 1 and 2.
The most common type of training utilized in the hospitality industry is ‘On the Job Training’ (OJT). This is mainly due to the convenience and low cost associated with the practice. Technology is not merely used to assist the day to day operations of the hospitality organizations. It is also increasingly employed to assist the training and professional development of hospitality employees. Online training is widely used in hospitality operations. However, there is debate about the suitability of online training for hospitality employees and managers. Some professionals see online training tools as an added convenience to better train employees while others believe that it has limited use and see it as largely ineffective for the hospitality workplace.
1. What is your position? Do you think that online training (and now mobile device based training) has merit? Is it suitable for use in our industry? Why? Why not? Post an example of online training (and or mobile device based training) use in hospitlaity; i.e. news article (please include a working link). Check to make sure that no-one else has already used your example.
2. Please respond the discussion below and indicate your agreement / disagreement with her/his position. Be sure to offer your rationale and use examples when applicable.
350 words for question 1
200 words for question 2
Respond this discussion ( it is somebody’s discussion for the same topic)
I agree that ‘On Job Training’ is convenience and the cost is also lower than to conduct online
training. For on job training is indeed practical as the staff gets to learn hands-on and go through what is like for day-to-day operation and at the same time familiarize with the job. But I believe that online training can be effective as well or it can open up another option for staff that wishes to upgrade themselves. As technology advances, it is suppose to help us to do things more effectively and hospitality industry is an industry that is continuously improving. Therefore staff should undergo training to keep themselves updated and maintain their standards. But for the fact that working in an hospitality industry, it is an industry that never rest because hotels operates round the clock and the manpower has to be there, therefore it is hard to arrange for trainings to be conducted physically and the work schedule has to plan differently to accommodate training. Thus, I feel that online training or web-based training should be more effective as employees can go online as and when they are free for their training. It is more convenient for both the hotel and the employees. It is also more appropriate for employees for them to do online courses to upgrade themselves and acquire more knowledge without affecting their work. In hospitality, I believe that trainings should be done continuously since this industry is always moving forward and it is also a competitive industry. In order to have an competitive edge over their competitors, the hotel itself has to provide excellent services and employees makes the greatest contribution.
I found an online website that offers a variety courses for the employees in the hospitality industry for different departments. Apart from gaining more knowledge, they also receive certification upon completion of the course. This will help them greatly in their career as they get recognize by their employer. Below is the link attached.

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