Forget what the guy down here said

The guy down here doesnt know what he is talking about. Il assume he is an armature. Writing has been there since 2006 upto now. We have had web article in 2008 that said the academic industry was going to die in a year or two. Its now 2014 and stil;l academic writing still flourishes on. Let me tell you why academic writing is no where near turmoil and why everyday writing companies keep coming up. It is because students will always need assistance unless there is no education and writers will always retire. I have many friends who made their share in writing and now they dont want to hear about it because it has passed their time. So like it or not, academic writing is here to stay if you dont believe me you can check this blog and why it is legal So we should make it possible for us to have the best experience yet. Let us not be influenced by the pussies who think that support is there friend. Your time is coming my friend. All I am suggesting is we tackle this with maturity. I know it is immature to post this order but how else would i communicate. So let as just address this issue by not bidding for a day or two so that we can have it good. None of the academic websites have these bullshits happening, comeone let us not divide

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