Final Reflection and PDP

1.      Final Reflection and PDP (20%)
Final Reflection and PDP
Students are required to complete a PDP template as provided (this will be available via the Student Portal) to support them in writing a structured reflection and a PDP that will take them through the next 4 semesters of their undergraduate studies.
Reflection is one of the ways in which it is possible to extract value from learning experiences.  Reflection does not come naturally to many undergraduate students and is not commonly taught in earlier training and educational experiences.  This exercise is in place to encourage reflection early in undergraduate studies.
The development of self-awareness and the ability to plan for improvement in one’s own performance or Personal Development Planning (PDP) is an important skill to assist students in improving their employability.  At the end of this module students will be challenged to put in place a PDP which will take them through to the development of their final semester project.
Complete the Final Reflection/PDP Template provided in about 1,000 words; and ensure that you include the following:
·         A Final Self Assessment Questionnaire, completed in consideration of the Initial Self Assessment Questionnaire and Plan you undertook in week 1.
·         A reflection on your development and performance during the semester, answering the question: what have you learned about your own performance during the semester (please note the programme or module learning objectives contained in handbooks should be used as objective measures of performance)?
·         An analysis of the current situation that you face identifying behaviours which require change, answering the questions:
o   What do I need to change in order to raise the standard of my performance?
o   Why are these behaviours happening, and why are they impacting upon my performance?
·         A PDP based upon your current performance level and the developmental changes that you will make during the next 4 semesters of your course, answering the question: how will I change the behaviours that are impacting upon my performance?
Students should make use of the format provided below (editable electronic format is available from the Student Portal for this assessment.

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