Explain the poor economic performance of Africa from the 1970s through to the 1990s

Essay Topics:
Your assignment is to write a 2000 word (maximum) essay on one of the topics below,You may modify the issues below, while keeping to the general topic. Your essay should be a “think piece,” where you present the background to the issue and take a position on it. In addition to the articles in the class notes, you should do any additional reading necessary. The purpose of the essay is to give you a deeper background in the topic area.
The essay should be written in an academic style, with footnotes, references and data tables or figures.

1. Explain the poor economic performance of Africa from the 1970s through to the 1990s. Does the acceleration in growth rates over the last decade represent a sustainable turnaround?
2. “The Bretton Woods Institutions have failed African countries”.
3. Economists and policy-makers have still not determined how to make African economies grow and develop. 

4. Take a position on the Washington Consensus: “Good Riddance to Bad Ideas” or “Misunderstood policies that were poorly implemented”.
5. Corruption is a very African problem, which is damaging growth.
6. African economic integration is the best potential source of development for Africa, as it is the easiest way to expand domestic markets.
7. African economic integration is unlikely to be successful because it is not an optimal currency area.
8. Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation demonstrated the primacy of the market over of government.
9. Zimbabwe’s dollarization has not a resolved its underlying economic problems.
10. Is there a trade-off between promoting agriculture versus industry and what approach should African countries adopt?
11. “The development of light industry for export is unlikely to work in Africa, as it did in parts of Asia”.
12. Can South Africa create significant manufacturing employment but prevent exploitation in low wage industries?
13. How effective has South African industrial policy been in addressing the country’s unemployment problem? How could the country do better in this regard
14. How effective has South Africa’s automotive policy (the Motor Industry Development Programme) been? Can the country afford to retain its automotive industry?

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