English and Communications

English and Communications

Write a summary of your findings on each of the four sites in Word answering, at a minimum, the questions asked in the assignment (Note the Yahoo hot Jobs takes you to Monster).

Directions: Although most people find their jobs by networking through other people, you still want to know what resources are available to you. In this assignment, you will visit a variety of websites to check out what they can offer you in your job hunt.

Please look at all four sites.You need a Word document with at least four paragraphs (one paragraph for each site listed). Please answer the questions that are shown with each site.

Websites for use:

1. Go to Yahoo! Hot Jobs http://hotjobs.yahoo.com. Is there a fee for posting job notices here?

2. Go to the Occupational Outlook Handbook http://www.bls.gov/OCO/ Research the future of your chosen profession.

3. Go to Careerpath.com and search for job listings in one or more newspapers.

4. Go to Monster.com and click on Job Hunt Strategy (at the bottom of the page). Which of these resources can you use?

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