employee motivation

Would they motivate you as an employee? Do they motivate you as students?  For whom do you think they are written?  Can you think of anything going on at PSU that is in conflict with any of these statements? 


Our vision is to be an internationally recognized urban university known for excellence in student learning, innovative research, and community engagement that contributes to the economic vitality, environmental sustainability, and quality of life in the Portland region and beyond.

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Portland State University’s mission is to enhance the intellectual, social, cultural and economic qualities of urban life by providing access throughout the life span to a quality liberal education for undergraduates and an appropriate array of professional and graduate programs especially relevant to metropolitan areas. The University conducts research and community service that support a high quality educational environment and reflect issues important to the region. It actively promotes the development of a network of educational institutions to serve the community.


The pursuit of our vision rests on our success in transforming undergraduate education, our growing research programs, our strong collaboration with the community, and the core values we hold. These values describe not only what PSU is now, but what it will be in the future.

Learning and Discovery

PSU values intellectual inquiry in its undergraduate and graduate programs, provides leadership in the development of knowledge, and creates opportunities for the application of knowledge to real-world problems. We maintain a welcoming and stimulating environment that is conducive to success for students, faculty, and staff. We value tenure as an essential component of this environment.

Access to Learning

PSU is committed to providing access and opportunity to learners from regional, national, and international communities in their pursuit of lifelong learning and diverse educational goals.

A Climate of Mutual Respect

PSU values diversity and fosters a climate of mutual respect and reflection that supports different beliefs and points of view and the open exchange of ideas.

Openness and Reflection

PSU endeavors to improve continuously as a university through reflection and open assessment of our activities.

Community and Civic Engagement

PSU values its identity as an engaged university that promotes a reciprocal relationship between the community and the University in which knowledge serves the city and the city contributes to the knowledge of the University.

We value our partnerships with other institutions, professional groups, the business community, and community organizations, and the talents and expertise these partnerships bring to the University. We embrace our role as a responsible citizen of the city, the state, the region, and the global community and foster actions, programs, and scholarship that will lead to a sustainable future.

PSU – School of Business Administration


To contribute to the economic and social vitality of our local and global communities.


To be internationally renowned for leadership in sustainable business.


To develop a national reputation for excellence and innovation in business research and education among our academic peers, current and prospective students, and the business community.

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