Cultural Practices & Consciousness

In this discussion we will explore consciousness-altering practices across varies cultures. Please respond to the questions below in your initial post:

  • What cultures allow consciousness-altering practices that we (in our own culture) consider illegal? Share those practices and their cultural purpose.
  • Are there cultures that ban consciousness-altering practices that are acceptable in our own (Western) culture? Elaborate on your response in terms of cultural differences and how they relate to the practices discussed.

Be sure to include relevant research and share the information you discovered in your own words. Remember plagiarism is an academic honor code violation. Explain how your research reinforces your perspectives.

Properly cite your research using APA format.

Note: Wikipedia,, Online Encyclopedias/Dictionaries are not acceptable academic sources. Your initial post should be a thorough, well-conceived college-level response. Your post should be no less than one to two paragraphs in length.

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