Consider a case where a person's pursuit of their individual happiness requires that they violate/compromise one or more of their social/ethical responsibilities

Consider a case where a person’s pursuit of their individual happiness requires that they violate/compromise one or more of their social/ethical responsibilities. For example, imagine a woman whose passion in life is to climb dangerous mountains, which involves risking her life. But she has a husband and two young children. (Or, the wreck-diver, as in Shadow Divers, risking his life as he dives deep shipwrecks, who also has a spouse and young children.) As another example, suppose a married man, with a family, falls in love with another woman. He knows that he would be happier with her than with his wife. Yet he feels it is his duty not to break up his marriage. Or, a person’s hobby pushes them to enlarge their “carbon footprint” considerably, thus defecting in the commons of the earth’s resources (as explained in Affluenza). 

These are just three examples. You can create your own example, either from history, your personal experience, or your imagination.

Now, here is our question: In such cases as these, what should the person do, pursue their individual happiness or sacrifice it for the sake of honoring their social/ethical responsibilities?

Your task is to address this question, in dialogue form. Set up a dialogue between yourself, and any three of the following characters: Nietzsche, Epicurus, Socrates, the authors of Affluenza (just treat them as one voice), and any one of the characters from Shadow Divers. After you have selected three from that list, debate the above question among yourselves.

There are many things to think about in your dialogue. What is happiness? Is a person more responsible for other people than their own happiness? What is social/ethical responsibility? How important is risk? etc.

It’s also important that you accurately capture the points of view of the characters in your dialogue.

Try to provide a dramatic setting for your dialogue. Say, you’re all traveling on a bus together; or you’re all on the boat ready to wreck dive; etc. Be creative!!!

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