Classify SAA‘s business level strategy

· Case Study 1: “About SAA” and Case Study 2: “The long-term turnaround strategy of
South African Airways (SAA)included as Annexure C and available on myUnisa
· The following research articles from academic journals:
Pretorius, M. 2008. ‗When Porter‘s generic strategies are not
enough: Complementary strategies for turnaround situations‘. Journal of
Business Strategy, 29 (6): 19 – 28.
Pretorius, M. 2008. ‗Critical variables of Business failure – A
review and classification framework‘. South African Journal of Economic
and Management Sciences, 11 (4): 408 – 430.
Pretorius, M. 2009. ‗Defining business decline, failure and
turnaround: A content analysis‘. South African Journal of
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, 2 (10): 1-16.
Your second assignment assesses your understanding of and insight into strategy choices as
part of the strategic formulation process in the study field of strategic management. You are
required to read the case studies (in Annexure C) and answer the following questions in essay
Questions for Assignment 02
The management team of SAA requests your views on the current business situation at SAA.
As background, they have provided two Case Studies (Annexure C).
You are required to incorporate the contents of the Case Studies, with the academic articles,
and then answer the questions that follow.
Refer to Case Study 1: ―About SAA‖, Case Study 2: ―The long-term turnaround strategy of
South African Airways (SAA)
Identify and describe the business level strategy of SAA. To do
1.1 Classify SAA‘s business level strategy.
1.2 Then describe the identified strategy from a theoretical
perspective. Include the following in your description:
· The premise of the strategy chosen.
· The risks, advantages and disadvantages of the
strategy chosen.
Support your answers with referenced sources.
2 20
2 To answer this question you need to refer to Case Study 2:
―The long-term turnaround strategy of South African Airways
(SAA)‖ provided as well as the required academic articles and
other publically available sources in order to support your
Classify and describe the turnaround situation and strategy of
SAA. To do this:
2.1 Classify and describe SAA‘s turnaround strategy with
reference to its type and form.
2.2 Apply the turnaround matrix to describe SAA‘s
turnaround situation and their unique preconditions. Refer
to Pretorius (2008:23).
2.3 Explain which turnaround strategies and practices SAA
should implement to address their turnaround situation
and return to their business level strategy. Refer to
Pretorius (2008:23).
Substantiate and explain your answers from a theoretical
perspective with the support of referenced sources.
Reflection template 5
Technical requirements:
· Table of contents
· Introduction
· Structure, writing style
· Conclusion
· List of references

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