Businesses often encounter unforeseen changes in their revenue or cost structure. For example, because of innovations, computer processors have significantly decreased in price over the past several years. Another example is a company that reduces cost by finding ways to move its own supply line. Select a product and choose a change in the environment that would affect supply, such as technology. Create a chart illustrating the relationship between the change in the environment and the supply of the product. Provide an explanation to support your chart. Respond to your fellow classmates. What information should they also consider?

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A price discriminating monopolist charges the same price to everyone. (Be sure to point out that a price discriminating monopolist must be the only seller in the market.)  – give real life examples and define the topic 

The original discussion starter was meant to be about a monopolist charging the highest price on a single item or the price that would make the most total profit?

give examples of the question above

Is JC Penny’s an example of a monopoly?

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