[Answered] (2021SU1-LABR-3060-A01) Labor Law M2: Weeks 4-6 M2.2 Discussion: The National Labor Relations Act The National Labor Relations Act

M2.2 Discussion: The National Labor Relations Act (Week 5)

US Supreme Court building
US Supreme Court building.

This week please post your 200 word response to the discussion prompt and respond to at least two of your classmates. You are encouraged to continue the discussion. Question for this week:

  • Think about the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in 1935. Why was this significant?
  • Do you think it made positive changes to American labor law. And why do you think the Supreme Court in Jones & Laughlin decided to uphold it?

For more information on how discussions are evaluated, please refer to the Discussion Rubric.



The significance of the NLRA is that it was the first piece of legislation made enforceable in regards to labors’ right to collectively bargain.  Instead of outlawing strikes, the NLRA was intended to prevent the cause of some strikes and promote industrial peace…………….. Purchase the link to access the full answer @ $ 5