[Answered] (2021SU1-LABR-3060-A01) Labor Law M3: Weeks 7-11 M3.2 Discussion: Unprotected Concerted Activities

M3.2 Discussion: Unprotected Concerted Activities (Week 8)

This week please post your 200 word response to the discussion prompt and respond to at least two of your classmates. You are encouraged to continue the discussion. Question for this week:

  • What differences do you see between the cases and situations discussed this week and in the previous week’s reading? How would you characterize the difference between Plaza Auto Center, Inc. and General Motors LLC? What makes a particular action unprotected under the Act? Discuss your impressions.


The National Labor Relations Act defined what constituted concerted efforts and what was protection in section 7 a.  however, the acts that fell in the category of protected concerted efforts have been a work of progress over time. As a result, conflict often arose between employers and employees……….. Purchase the link to access the full answer @ $6