Moral principles build the bedrock of our moral worldview

Moral principles build the bedrock of our moral worldview. Before making this post, think about what principle/s underlie your beliefs regarding the moral permissibility of assisted death. To get you started, here are some common principles that people appeal to when discussing the morality of assisted death. These are just a few examples. There are many other principles that might guide your view on this issue – you don’t need to choose a principle from this list.

– bodily autonomy

– virtue of compassion

– the value of relieving suffering

– sanctity of life

– playing God

– discrimination against vulnerable populations (disabled, elderly)


Step 1: Your Post – Identify what you hold to be the most important principle that shapes your moral beliefs regarding assisted death. Using that principle, construct an argument regarding the morality of a particular circumstance of assisted death (assisted suicide, one of the forms of euthanasia, etc). Remember, it’s not enough to simply state your view. Just as the authors we read this week did, you should provide premises that support your conclusion.

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