Module 3 Self-Assessment Responses

Now, you have the results of all your self-assessment tests for Module 3.
Next, you are to write a 2-3 page, double-spaced, reflection essay for this module based on your scores in each of the self-assessment tests from this Module 3.  Keep in mind that this module is about leadership behaviors and theories of motivation.  Take a look at Chapter THREE for additional information regarding these self-assessment tests.
The responses for the self-assessment tests should be written using a combination of the “assert and defend” style in a five-paragraph essay. Think like a lawyer. Assert an argument or thesis AND prove or defend it.  (See more detail in “Instructions on Self-Assessment Tests and Reflection Essays” Fill) 
Make at least one assertion about the meaning(s) of each of the self-assessment tests to you (a total of at least THREE assertions for this essay) and support them with examples. Write a convincing case that presents a strong defense for each of your arguments.  You must have at least three references (which means one from the textbook and two other references besides the textbook).
This link will help you to write the right references.
***In reflection, you should also try to think of three questions:

WHAT ==> how this relates to your experience SO WHAT ==> why is it important, what you learn from the SAT and combine with your experience NOW WHAT ==> moving forward, how I am to improved myself from what you learn and assess yourself.

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