Country Health System PowerPoint Presentation

Country Health System PowerPoint Presentation Instructions

Despite spending the most money, the U.S. quality and outcome results are low compared to other developed countries. Even emerging countries have lessons for us. Through this assignment, you will use analytical and critical thinking skills to identify lessons for the United States from the assigned country. The ability to communicate visually and orally are core skills for a health leader. The narrated PowerPoint will help you build and practice these skills.

The content of the assignment must include the following:

  • An overview of the health system (how it is structured, provider ownership and structure, methods of financing (taxes, fees, patient out-of-pocket contributions)
  • An overview of how the health system is managed and governed (role of government versus private sector; degree of standardization; role of patients)
  • Quality of health care services and outcomes (how well are they achieving the Triple Aim)
  • Describe the equity of the system (e.g., are rural and urban citizens provided similar access; do high income citizens buy up coverage?).
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the country’s health system.
  • How did this country handle the COVID-19 epidemic and how is it doing now?
  • What can the United States learn from this country
  • Provide one fun fact about the health system.
  • Presentation Guidelines and Rubric

    • Please make sure to include a reference slide at the end in APA format.
    • The presentation should be approximately 7 to 10 minutes long and include 5-10 slides. The content covered is more important than the number of slides. However, it should not exceed 10 minutes

    This presentation is worth 15 points and will be graded according to the Rubric.

  • COUNTRY NARRATED POWERPOINT RUBRIC Student: Date: Assessment: Category Grading Criteria Total Score Slide design is effetive—fonts are appropriate, slide structure is consistent, use of 2 Presentation is organized logically; slide titles effectively describe the content; Content of the presentation meets all the requirements of the assignment Presentation narration adds value – not just reading the slides Narration is understandable; speaker is clear and speaks at an appropriate speed Presentation is geared to an individual without knowledge of the subject that was 3 6 3 3 3 Total Score 20 Comments
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