An Illustration Essay

Assignment 2: An Illustration Essay Fall 2014


From the time most of us begin to talk, we have used examples to explain our ideas and to describe events. This natural method of supporting our ideas can be formalized in essays.


For this project, write an illustration essay of approximately 500-700 words describing (and illustrating with developed examples) what makes someone a true professional in your field.

Begin by brainstorming for qualities and characteristics that are important for people in your field to have; some of these may be objective (for example, degree requirements) and some may be subjective (for example, personality traits).

Then arrange your support topics and develop detailed examples to illustrate the importance of each one. Your examples may all be drawn from experiences with the same person, or they may relate to different people in the field.


• Follow MLA guidelines for manuscript form (see Beacon 550-52).

• Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx).

• Submit the assignment to the appropriate Blackboard dropbox.

• The essay will be evaluated on (1) the clarity of your thesis and stance, (2) the effectiveness of your introductory and concluding paragraphs, (3) your choices of important qualities or characteristics, (4) the selection and use of specific examples to support your thesis, (5) the arrangement of the paragraphs, (6) the effectiveness of the word choices, and (7) technical matters.

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